IDE is strategically positioned in the market as a high performance, flexible and cost effective engineering house capable to meet all design and engineering needs of its customer.


INTRACOM Defense Electronics through international co-operations and design of own products and systems has established a multi-discipline capability in SW Engineering.

Through years of experience in developing SW products for the defense sector the SW team has been acquainted with defense SW standards, procedures and methodologies that follow the complete product life cycle starting from requirements capture, system design, development, testing, integration and verification.

The SW team has been participating in international SW projects with companies and has successfully undertake contracts concerning the design, development and integration of systems and subsystems for complex projects in the area of Wideband Communication Systems and Data Links, Intercom Systems, Command and Control suites, Radar Systems, Classroom Training suites, etc.

SW Team has also been developed a wide range of own products/systems that cover a wide area of technologies such as Wideband Tactical Radios, Vehicle Intercoms, Naval Intercoms, Cryptographic Devices, Element Management Systems, Routing Algorithms that are already fielded and in operation within Greek and international military forces.

Through its active participation our SW team has developed excellence and innovation skills along with professional experience to undertake effectively various types of multinational projects ranging from very compact teams up to larger groups with 10s of SW engineers.

SW team core engineering currently consists of experienced SW engineers holding a University degree, Masters degree and PhDs, and is dynamically developing through continuous training and involvement to turn key Research and Development projects, to offer quality turnkey solutions within schedule and cost objectives.

SW team is mainly organized into three groups, focusing in different technological areas:

  • Embedded Software Group: Concerns functionality that controls, activates and complements the Hardware (HW), ensures basic interface communications (protocols) among system/product building blocks etc.; Embedded software exists and functions in close and direct interdependency with the HW. Embedded software also includes development for Software Defined Radio platforms mainly implementing baseband modem functionality, radio RF elements control and connectivity with upper layers for wireless communications solutions.
  • Application Software Group: Concerns design and implementation of services and applications for end users of complex systems. In general, application software includes platform management utilities, Web services, networking protocols and applications, client/server applications, middleware services, GUI based applications (e.g element management and NMS), Geographical Information Systems, etc.
  • System Testing & Integration Group: Products’ quality is of height importance for our company. For that purpose a special dedicated team of test engineers is involved during design, development, testing and integration phases of any project under development. Testing Team follows the internal procedures and other international (i.e. AQAP 2210) standards for testing, integration and evaluation, using utilizes formal procedures and tools for traceability, configuration and management purposes.

SW Team’s infrastructure includes two laboratories for System Testing, Evaluation and Integration. Laboratories are equipped with dedicated high speed LAN, computer clusters, development servers, connectivity with external RF Antennas, connectivity with external WAN networks and other dedicated measurement equipment.

Each laboratory has different level of classification and access control according to the level of security required for the equipment that resides within it. All laboratories are connected through secure high-speed network lines.

Major technological areas of excellence that have been established within the SW team are:

  • Design and Development of subsystems according to customer specifications
  • Integration of complex systems
  • Real Time Embedded Systems
  • Web Services & Applications
  • Internet Technologies
  • Command & Control Applications
  • Database & Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Open standard Frameworks
  • Wireless Systems & Data links
    • Medium Access Control (MAC)
    • Radio waveforms and Modems
    • Quality of Service
  • Networks and Networking
    • Routing protocols & Network Architectures
    • Automating common test scenarios for validating router and network performance
    • Network Services
  • Cryptography & Security
    • Cryptography
    • Secure communication protocols
    • System level evaluation / analysis
    • Security seminars and consultancy
  • Data Processing and Data Fusion
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction and Voice Processing Algorithms

Indicative platforms and tools that our team is using are:

  • Windows, UNIX, SolarisOS, VxWorks/Tornado, Linux, TimeSys LinuxRT
  • Java, Java RMI , Ada95 Gnatt/gcc, C/C++/C#/.NET, XML
  • GNU Tools (gcc/g++/gdb)
  • OmniORB, ORBexpress, TAO, CORBA, DDS, KQML
  • MATLAB, Csim, NS2
  • Telelogic UML Suite, DOORS, Requisite Pro
  • IBM Rational Rose Real Time
  • ClearCase, CVS, CVS Subversion, Bugzilla
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (C/C++/C#/.NET), Qt
  • MultiICE JTAG Debuger, Code composer studio, Metroworks Codewarrior