IDE is strategically positioned in the market as a high performance, flexible and cost effective engineering house capable to meet all design and engineering needs of its customer.


INTRACOM Defense Electronics is providing professional calibration, testing and repair services for both internal test and measurement instruments and external customers, mainly the Hellenic Armed Forces, Institutes and other local Industries.

To support the above activity the company operates within its facilities a sophisticated fully equipped Calibration Laboratory. The Laboratory possesses many years of successful records, remarkable know-how, and state of the art infrastructure and conforms to the most exacting standards of traceability (DKD, UKAS, EIM, NIST).

Calibration Laboratory is accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation Council (ESYD) to ISO 17025 for Electrical quantities and temperature as well as to ISO 9001: 2015 by BVC.

The laboratory employs a dedicated professional, experienced, conscientious team. The company aggressively invests in ongoing training and development to keep the technical team at the top. Moreover, Technical Procedures Library and Technical manuals library are continuously updated and enhanced.

INTRACOM Defense Electronics’ Calibration Laboratory offers services in the following major metrological sectors:

  • Electrical/Electronic measuring instruments (DC to microwave frequencies, power, attenuation, etc)
  • Communications and Telecommunications instruments
  • Temperature measuring instruments
  • Pressure measuring instruments
  • Dimensional measurements and mass
The services cover the following disciplines:

  • Calibration
  • Repair
  • Adjustments
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrading of existing instrument
  • Consultation Services for evaluation, selection and installation of new test and measurement equipment

The Laboratory maintains databases with historical data for all instruments. Records include measurements, planning and instrument recalls. Performed measurements and issued calibration reports are traceable to PTB (Germany), NPL (England) and EIM (Greece).

The facility occupies approximately 800 square metes of laboratory and office space. The room is climate controlled to meet ISO 17025 standard lab requirements, spotlessly clean, bright, organized and efficient. High accuracy measurements are performed inside an environmentally controlled shielded chamber equipped with independent UPS and Generator providing shelf sufficient operation. An indicative capacity of the Lab is approximately 3.000 instruments per year.