IDE is strategically positioned in the market as a high performance, flexible and cost effective engineering house capable to meet all design and engineering needs of its customer.


Within the frame of training and know-how transfer, services are structured so that the end user can exploit the products or services received to the maximum effect and through out their life time.

Our view of training and know-how transfer services is not limited to presenting and making available the appropriate of information, but it extends to the ability to use, process and explore knowledge towards the development of expertise for the user, so that one acquires the confidence to take full advantage of the product.

The content of training for our products is threaded around the following escalating components:

  • Use, to enable the full operational capability
  • Maintenance, to obtain the capability for product support through its life cycle
  • Architectural Design, to facilitate the full exploitation of the product and act as a multiplier to its effective use and interoperability.

Depending on the needs of the users, training and know how transfer services can be offered either at customer/end user facilities or at our premises or in cases where academic training is required courses are rendered at Athens Information Technology (AIT), the educational center that operates within the INTRACOM Group of companies.

Our training and know-how transfer services include themes related to:

  • Our products:


  • Technologies used for military communications:

Communications, Electronics, Power Supplies, RF, Cryptography

  • Specialized Laboratory infrastructure for:

EMI/EMC, Quality, Calibration, Testing

  • Supporting functions:

Industralisation, Logistics

Training as well as technical services are offered by the company on cryptography topics.