IDE is strategically positioned in the market as a high performance, flexible and cost effective engineering house capable to meet all design and engineering needs of its customer.


INTRACOM Defense Electronics in addition to the production of in house designed and developed products, provides advanced Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to external customers. These services are provided on a “Built to Print” concept from single prototypes and pilot lots to large scale production runs.

The company is focusing on delivering end-to-end solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in a flexible, high performance and cost effective manner.

The company has the technical capability, know-how and manufacturing infrastructure to undertake manufacturing work for any type and volume within delivery schedule of the following product operations and technologies:

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMD) Circuit Card Assembly
  • Plated Through Hole (TH) Circuit Card Assembly
  • Complex Wire Harnesses
  • Various Cable Assemblies ( Semi rigid, Coaxial RF,Flex)
  • Magnetics Assembly
  • Electromechanical assemblies
  • Special Processes
  • LRU/ System Level Products

Manufacturing services cover the entire spectrum of operations from materials procurement, assembly, test (Functional & Environmental), Subsystem & System integration, Quality inspections and Product verification/ qualification to logistics support.

To support the above activity the company has deployed modern production plants equipped with state of the art instrumentation, automated production lines, tooling and associated experienced and certified staff. Manufacturing techniques and procedures are applied based on international standards. All operations are planned, monitored and supported by company’s integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system (SAP R3).

Production Facilities are deployed in two manufacturing plants covering a total area of  7500 m2, where we integrate a variety of major Defense Systems and products, in collaboration with Defense Industry Leaders. We are proud to work with world-class companies across the globe such as Boeing, Diehl BGT Defence,  KMW, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Saab AB, Thales etc for a wide range of products in different Defense sectors.

Our company, having successfully implemented a numerous major Industrial co operation programs, has demonstrated the ability to meet the high standards of our customers requirements.

INTRACOM Defense Electronics can undertake any of the following activities according to customer’s requirements and/ or applicable standards:

  • Material Supply: Suppliers Selection and qualification, Complete or Partial components procurement, PCB manufacturing, mechanical parts fabrication, Obsolescence Control, Receiving Inspection, Kitting, Packaging materials (boxes, containers, labels) selection and procurement, etc.
  • Circuit Cards Assembly: SMD assembly or TH assembly, separate or complete assembly.
  • Tests: Electrical, Functional and Environmental tests are performed at any level of manufacturing.
  • Mechanical Assemblies: Electronic circuits mounting on the (plastic, metal, etc) case with wiring, cabling and harness operations at LRU/ SRU Level.
  • System Integration: End Product Integration and Acceptance Tests for equipment and products purchased from various suppliers.
  • Industrial Engineering: Prototyping, Improvement of existing design (TDP) for manufacturability, complete Manufacturing Data Package Creation, Configuration Control Management, Testing Development etc.
  • Shipments: Unit Packaging, System packaging, labeling, logistics and/or Export Control for Domestic and International shipments.