IDE’s products in tactical-wideband communications are used to cover the needs of Defense and Security Sector and are already operating in various land and naval platforms in short, medium, long range fixed or mobile applications.

Radio Accessories RCS-610

The RCS-610 is a tactical terminal that supports interfaces for remote control, voice and data services to PR4G/Fastnet VHF and Skyfast HF Radios. Designed to operate over short/long distances allows distant users to gain complete control over the radios.
The RCS-610 consists of the Remote Control Unit RCU-610 and the High Speed Modem HSM-610. The RCS-610 is an active extension of the connected radio’s front panel control. An advanced Man Machine Interface enables access to the services. The HSM-610, connected to the Remote Control Unit, allows for long distance control.
The system provides physical ports for the connection of Headset/Handset, Loudspeaker, Fill Gun, Tactical Data Terminal, Smart handset and PC.