IDE’s products in tactical-wideband communications are used to cover the needs of Defense and Security Sector and are already operating in various land and naval platforms in short, medium, long range fixed or mobile applications.


Tacticon (Tactical IP Communication Network) is a tactical IP communication system which provides real-time single and multiparty internal and external voice communication and data exchange services among dispersed Communication Nodes, Command Post, Field Headquarters, Tactical Operation Centers, adjacent Battalions and supported units.
A Tacticon node seamlessly integrates with the tactical communication equipment of any modern military platform and provides internal and external voice and data communication services both within and among networked Tacticon nodes.
Tacticon minimizes the need of additional hardware as it features multi-services embedded functionality, offering an all-in-one solution. Utilizing IP based routed networking and adjacent Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology the system provides Telephony (SIP), Intercommunication, IP routing, Networked Conferencing and Hub for Tactical Radios.

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