IDE is established in the field of Data Security due to a continuous effort to keep the company’s encryption products at the highest level of technological advancements investing in specialized technology infrastructure.

Key Management Center

IDE's approach to the Key Management Center (KMC) covers the entire spectrum of related functions and operations. KMC is a system that supports the following key management activities:


  • Key generation. Users of symmetric algorithms have the capability to generate their own keys. The main issue is to generate the keys in such a way that they are unpredictable.

  • Key distribution. Defined to be a mechanism whereby one party chooses a secret key or a set of keys and then transmits or delivers it to another party or parties.

  • Key establishment. Any process whereby a shared secret key becomes available to two or more parties, for subsequent cryptographic use. Key establishment can be broadly subdivided into key agreement and key transport. 

  • Key update. Ability to change keys. Changes may be either scheduled regular updates or responses to suspected compromise.

  • FILLGUN Interface. In order to distribute the keys to the encryption devices that are geographically dispersed, IDE has designed and manufactured a special electronic device (FILLGUN) that can load, store and transfer keys to encryption devices. The KMC provides the interface with the FILLGUN, so that the key distribution mechanism foundation is completed and the keys can be physically transferred to the encryption devices via the FILLGUN.