IDE’s products in tactical-wideband communications are used to cover the needs of Defense and Security Sector and are already operating in various land and naval platforms in short, medium, long range fixed or mobile applications.


WiTAC3S-N (Wireless Integrated Tactical C3 System – Naval) is an off-the-shelf integrated Tactical Communication Suite suitable for Special Forces or Coast Guard vessels for defense and/or security operations.
The integrated system is offered as a working turn-key solution in order to provide reconnaissance/ surveillance capability, Command & Control (C2) functionality, digital intercommunications, day/ night vision, secure real time video and Radar image transfer to a remote Tactical Operations Command Center.
WITAC3S-N is a pre-engineered, fully integrated, risk free and field proven solution consisting of the following building blocks:
  • Digital intercommunications (WiSPR): Provides noise-free intercommunications with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) and intelligent Tactical Radio Control within the vessel.
  • Command & Control (C2): Provides the tactical picture to the operating vessels, Friend or Foe identification and real time data exchange with the operations command.
  • Day/Night Vision: Provides automated surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities with stabilization for sea environment and camera remote control.
  • Secure Wireless IP communications (Spart@n): Provides secure wideband IP networking on the move, voice, fast C2 data exchange, radar data and real time video transfer.
  • Position Navigation: Performs all necessary navigation and positioning functions and is integrated with the C2 system. GPS based.

  • Mission Computer Managing C2 data, messaging, Radar image and video image, as well as control of the Secure Broadband Network.
IDE is capable of offering a turn-key solution for vessels including integration, commissioning, set to work, qualification, final test, training, documentation and logistics support.