IDE can provide innovative integration and customization of leading products into end-to-end, turn-key Homeland Security projects worldwide (Critical Infrastructure, Oil Rig Installations and Border Surveillance).


Critical infrastructure facilities (e.g. electrical power generation and distribution grids, photovoltaic and wind turbine farms, oil & gas exploration platforms, water plants), natural resources (e.g. oil & gas, water, radioactive materials, precious metals, wild forests) natural and energy reservoirs (e.g. refineries, nuclear reactors, water supply chains, oil & gas loading shores) along with society sustainability and continuity are prime targets for man made threats, operation disruption and organised terrorist attacks.
All aforementioned are valuable assets for a well-organized state and for a structured society, hence must not be wasted and shall be monitored and protected throughout their entire life cycle.
Critical infrastructures, significant assets and strategic operation environments must be fully protected with systems that monitor and secure such entities and at the same time provide situational awareness, operational readiness and effective incident management. IDE offers systems and services that accomplish effective prevention, response and recover.
IDE delivers state of art and “fit for purpose” technology security solutions for infrastructure protection, border surveillance and strategic resources production and distribution. IDE’s solutions comprise:
  • Command and Control platforms, to deliver on time information from various sensors for the selected areas of interest. IDE C2 platforms accomplish information gathering, information sharing, data fusion, common operation picture, centralised sensor management, cetralised subsystem`s management, digital site imaging, GIS presentation, video management from various feeds along with tracking and classification of various threats and intruders. Depending on the End User, the actual entity and the application, IDE offers C2 with specific incident management capabilities.

  • Sensors are used for surveillance and reconnaissance. Based on the application short range and/or long range modules are integrated to the C2 platforms. Thermal imaging, night vision, direction finding, range finding, radar imaging, acoustic monitoring and precise geo-referencing of threats are some of the most important capabilities offered. Real time multiple object tracking and classification is provided through IDE`s security solutions.

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Protection Systems, unfolded in concentric circles of protection, aiming at deterring and preventing intruders from crossing the perimeter, as well as detecting intrusion. As the circles of protection get closer to the critical asset, the protection and response measures intensify and are getting fine grained.

  • Vehicle and Personnel Monitoring, which facilitate the conformant to the organization’s rules and procedures behavior of both vehicles and people, being either employees or visitors.

  • Access and Authorization Control of all assets and people within the infrastructure premises. Always must have a clear picture of who should do what, where, when and with which asset.

  • Screening Automation through the use of variety of technologies such as x-ray systems, metal detectors, chemical analysers and weapons detection systems are used to screen people and assets entering a facility.

  • Resilient and Secure Communications, a vital facilitator to all operations and emergency responses. Communication among people and machines must be always on, available at any time, at anyplace and to all authorized.

  • Information Exchange and Cyber-Security technological components which ensure productivity, availability, non-repudiation, integrity and confidentiality.

  • Integration of technologies and systems is provided to all IDE solutions. IDE provides high quality integration for legacy and new state of art systems. Hardware and software modules are provided in order to achieve transparency to all user operations and obsolete system and technology compatibility.  

  • Training and support, given that each critical infrastructure site is unique, and requires a custom approach that includes not only advanced technology but also well trained personnel, to deliver a holistic security solution.

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