IDE can provide innovative integration and customization of leading products into end-to-end, turn-key Homeland Security projects worldwide (Critical Infrastructure, Oil Rig Installations and Border Surveillance).


The prevention of unlawful cross-borders activities and address of security threats at land and maritime borders mandates the implementation of comprehensive surveillance and control systems.

IDE’s network-centric approach provides Border Surveillance solutions, which enable information capturing through a network of sensors (optronic, radar, acoustic, environmental etc.), convey fused data streams through a resilient and secure networking infrastructure to the appropriate information sinks, and present a unified/common operating picture in the command and control management stations.

IDE solutions on Border Surveillance provide:

  • modular and spiral architecture;
  • seamless integration with third-party technological components, being technology agnostic and accommodating existing systems;
  • cope with challenging environmental conditions, sabotages, vandalisms and theft;
  • non-stop situation observation and guaranteed information delivery to the appropriate entity;
  • provision of situation awareness, prompt response and accurate analysis for effective events management, minimizing if not eliminating human error.

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