IDE can provide innovative integration and customization of leading products into end-to-end, turn-key Homeland Security projects worldwide (Critical Infrastructure, Oil Rig Installations and Border Surveillance).


Oil and Offshore platforms represent an easy target to both terrorist's and politically or economically motivated sinister groups. Such infrastructures are significant strategic investments and they require a safe environment in which to operate.

IDE can effectively deploy security solutions comprising security information systems, real time automatic electro-optical target acquisition for day and night, automatic target recognition, object tracking and classification, SONAR detectors, multi target detection and real time secured voice and data communications.

IDE solutions are based on:

  • technology maturity
  • technology advancement
  • modular infrastructure/architecture
  • provision of real time situational awareness to on-site security crew and shoreline command post
  • seamless links with end-to-end encryption and high data rates
  • remote control capabilities
  • low false positives rates
  • holistic and effective protection

Additional information upon request.