INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS has signed a 17 mil. USD contract with RAYTHEON for the co-production of F-16 aircraft self-protection systems in Greece

INTRACOM Defense Electronics has signed a 17 mil. USD contract with RAYTHEON for the co-production of ASPIS II self-protection systems for F-16 Block 52+ aircraft, procured by the Hellenic Air Force. The 2.5 year contract adds up to the important activity of INTRACOM Defense Electronics in development and production programs in the field of electronic systems for aerospace applications.

The excellent infrastructure and great experience of INTRACOM Defense Electronics give the capability for the production of the high tech self-protection systems and the relevant High Voltage Power Systems at the company’s premises, in Greece. For the materialization of the program 1.2 mil. USD will be invested, considering that the High Voltage Power Systems for space applications constitute a target of high technological expertise and added-value for the company, establishing it as a significant design and manufacturing industry

The target of INTRACOM Defense Electronics is the expansion of its cooperation with RAYTHEON and other defense industries in relevant programs for the international market.

It is worth mentioning that for years the two companies have been successfully working together in other areas of Defense field such as, the PATRIOT and HAWK air defense systems, the ESSM and MAVERICK missiles as well as the PHALANX close-in-support systems.

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