INTRACOM Defense Electronics: Renewal award by NATO/NAMSA

February 17, 2009: NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) awards INTRACOM Defense Electronics a 2-year renewal for the support of the PATRIOT air defense systems in Europe (Dutch, German, Greek, Spanish and US systems in Europe), following their successful cooperation in the last two years. 

INTRACOM Defense Electronics has consolidated know-how and excelled its technological infrastructure for the PATRIOT system due to the Hellenic Air Force PATRIOT Procurement program, for which the company manufactured and integrated the majority of the electronic ground systems. Furthermore, the company managed to expand its cooperation with NAMSA, by undertaking also significant work in the Launching Stations. 

The initial three year contract for the PATRIOT air defense systems in Europe was awarded to INTRACOM Defense Electronics following an international tender and the option renewal comes almost a year prior to the contract expiration date. 

NAMSA’s renewal award strengthens the cooperation of INTRACOM Defense Electronics with NATO partners and enhances the company’s international clients list. 

NAMSA is responsible to assist NATO nations by organizing common procurement and supply of spare parts and arranging maintenance and repair services necessary for the support of various weapon systems of NATO nations.

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