Hybrid GenAircon

Military vehicle electric power and environmental control are critical operational capabilities in the modern warfare and security environment. IDE unveils Hybrid GenAircon


WiSPR - Wideband Intercom and Secure Packet Radio

Designed and developed by INTRACOM Defense Electronics, WiSPR sets new standards into vehicular tactical communications.


WiWAN - Wireless Wide Area Network

The Wireless Wide Area Network - WiWAN - system is a state-of-the-art, tactical communications network incorporating advanced features such as mobility, point-to-multipoint topology and IP networking.


Hybrid Electric Power Systems

Entering the era of hybrid energy technology, IDE develops and manufactures advanced power stations and energy storage systems for small to medium power installations - HEPS


Cryptographic Devices

Designed and developed by INTRACOM Defense Electronics the SECLINE product line includes state-of-the-art cryptographic equipment for voice and data encryption in the field and office.


Rugged Computers

"ComBAT"  is a rugged portable computer that provides a “go anywhere” unit suitable for Military, Industrial Automation, Mobile/Outdoor Computing, Portable Workstation and ...


Data Links and Telemetries

INTRACOM Defense Electronics has significant experience in the development, design, qualification and production of Data Links and Telemetries for use in a variety of applications.



Tacticon (Tactical IP Communication Network) is a tactical IP communication system which provides real-time single and multiparty internal and external voice communication and data exchange services

INTRACOM Defense Electronics Social Accountability

January 2, 2014: Great success has been achieved due to the effort of INTRACOM Defense Electronics’ personnel for support to socially sensitive groups, highlighting by this way the social image and sensitivity of the employees. Specifically, a substantial amount of money has been gathered (increased by 26% compared to last year) for the support of the objectives of Parents Association of Children with Cancer “FLOGA”, while a football match was held at the stadium of PANPAIANIKOS, which was kindly provided by the municipality of Peania.

The spontaneous participation of INTRACOM Defense Electronics’ employees, showing sympathy, love and solidarity that distinguishes it, while the administration of “FLOGA” recognized this effort and expressed its satisfaction and appreciation to INTRACOM Defense Electronics.