Spart@n – Secure Packet Radio – Tactical IP Network

Spart@n is a Software Defined Tactical Broadband Radio for secure and fast information transfer at the tactical level. It operates in the 225-400 MHz band and has been designed to fulfill requirements for high-speed data exchange between Battle Management Systems on-the-move, integrating tactical formations into a real-time data network.

Spart@n is an ideal solution for Tracked or Wheeled Vehicles at Battalion level interconnecting Battalion Command with Company, Platoon and supporting units. In this way, an agile, efficient and robust network-centric communications infrastructure is formed.

Spart@n is an IP radio system and can be interfaced seamlessly with any IP based software application, sensors or peripherals, in order to accommodate for the needs of real time transmission of Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Digital Battlefield Information, including real-time video.

Transmission and Data Security are maintained at high standards with the use of advanced TRANSEC and COMSEC mechanisms. Spart@n is fully ruggedized equipment, utilizing a wideband waveform, specifically designed for defense operations. Moreover, the system’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) can support different waveforms, according to mission requirements and operational scenarios.

Key features

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture
  • Wideband Waveform
  • NATO I band (225-400 MHz)
  • IP networking
  • OFDM technology
  • Integrated voice, video and data network
  • Transmission Security (TranSec)
  • Communications Security (ComSec)
  • Layer-2 and Layer-3 interfaces
  • Audio interface
  • Automatic data rate adaptation
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control
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