INTRACOM Defense Manufacturing is clearly identified as a flexible volume, high performance and cost effective manufacturer investing in its Human Resources.

INTRACOM Defense manufacturing capabilities cover the entire spectrum of defense product operations with a remarkable ranking in the international defense systems market as a company with excellence in manufacturing infrastructure, superior level of quality, flexibility, competitiveness, commitment in delivery schedules and focused on customer success.

Factors with significant contribution to the above achievements are Human Resources, Manufacturing Infrastructure and established Process Control systems. INTRACOM Defense invests in the continuous training and certification of all levels of the personnel. More than 40% of the production personnel (Engineers, Technicians, administrative and supporting personnel), are College or University graduates. Production personnel are trained and/or certified to international solder and assembly industry standards, such as IPC/J-STD-001, IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC-A-620, IPC-7711, 7721, etc.

A Continuous training program is in place aiming to the improvement of personal knowledge, skills and expertise, in an effort to maintain position on the edge of technology.

The gained experience in the design of work systems and selection of manufacturing methods for optimum product flow ensures the achievement of High Quality within reasonable time and cost.

INTRACOM Defense Manufacturing Department consists of the following Units:

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineers focus on the development of Technical Capabilities, continuous improvement of Quality and Productivity and the elimination of the waste of any kind. Main activities include the analysis, design and development of production methods, the selection and installation of production equipment, the introduction of new products as well as the validation of production operations. Tasks also include the monitoring and analysis of technical characteristics, quality – productivity metrics and continuous improvement proposals.

Test Engineering

Test Engineers possess design and technical support skills for providing integrated solutions and services in the Product and Systems Testing field for a wide range of applications and technologies. Testing areas cover functional testing for high-speed digital electronics, analog electronics, low and high voltage power supplies, low and high-power RF as well as boundary-scan (JTAG) and in-circuit testing. Furthermore, capabilities include extensive Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) such as full operational test during thermal cycling, vibration and thermal shock. Testing capabilities cover all products from cables and harnesses, Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs, Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) as well as System Level testing.

The company has acquired considerable expertise in a wide range of industrial testing operations, developing and manufacturing advanced and modern testing solutions (Testers) which cover all the test specifications for every manufactured product.

Production Planning and Scheduling

Integrated Production Planning and Control is performed via the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning System SAP R3.

Manufacturing Plants

The Manufacturing Plants section is responsible for the management of all operations within INTRACOM Defense production plants.
The total manufacturing floor space is 7.500 m2 laid out in two production plants. This infrastructure includes an impressive and diverse number of assembly and testing equipment, which guarantees manufacturing of high quality products to the most strict and demanding specifications. Production lines are designed for optimum product flow, aiming to productivity improvements. Products and processes are monitored and tested for specification compliance at critical control points utilizing automatic test equipment and Computer Aided techniques.

Production Capabilities

The existing production capabilities are the outcome of a continuous and vigorous investment program which includes the purchase of new equipment and development of new production methods and techniques with state of the art production automation. The areas covered are the following:

Printed Board Assemblies

  • Surface Mount Technology assembly lines
  • Reflow and Vapor Phase Soldering
  • Wave Soldering (ROHS and Conventional)
  • Press Fit Components
  • Manual assembly lines
  • PBA Repair and Rework Centre per IPC7711 and IPC7721.

Cable and Harness Assembly

  • Automated Cut and Stripping Machines
  • Variety of semi-automatic and special hand tools
  • Harness assembly, Coaxial(RF), Power, Signal Distribution, Special Purpose Cables
  • Semi rigid Cables

Magnetic Manufacturing

  • Coil and Transformer winding Machines
  • Manual assembly
  • Automatic Test
  • Impregnation

Mechanical and Electromechanical Products

  • Assembly of Racks, Panels, Cabinets, Actuators, Hydraulics, Pneumatics etc.)
  • Standard Rework Procedures for Mechanical parts.

Special Processes

In order to improve the mechanical and environmental durability of the products, a number the following special processes are performed with the application of chemical compounds in a controlled environment using trained-qualified personnel and specific to type automatic equipment.

  • Painting 
  • Application of Conformal Coating
  • Application of Bonding Materials
  • Cleaning and Cleanliness Measurements
  • Potting
  • Molding
  • BGA Underfilling
  • Micro-blasting

Special Facilities

Clean Rooms
Processes that require a clean and controlled environment (for optical parts, contamination sensitive products, etc) are performed in the existing clean room areas with ISO cleanliness class levels 7 and 8.

System Integration and Test
System integration and test operations (Major End Items such as vehicles, shelters, etc) are performed in a special industrial area equipped with the relevant facilities and a 10 tons overhead crane.

Automatic Test & Inspection Equipment

  • Soldering processes (X-Ray 2D Inspection)
  • In-Circuit Testing (bed of nails, flying probe)
  • Electrical Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Final Testing
  • Environmental Stress Screening (Thermal – Mechanical Stress, Rain and Altitude Simulations)