INTRACOM DEFENSE is the largest manufacturer of defense communications and electronic systems in Greece.

The nature of the business, the requirements set by collaborating companies and the compliance regulations set by the relevant authorities require the special handling of classified information, in accordance with the National Industrial Security Regulation (issued in February 2005 by the Hellenic National Defence Staff). The company is granted, by the General Directorate for Defence Armaments & Investments, a Facility Security Clearance up to and including the level of NATIONAL SECRET – NATO SECRET – EU SECRET.

INTRACOM DEFENSE is registered in “Registry of Defence Material Manufacturers of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence” 

The procedures and the guidelines concerned the protection of:

  • The premises
  • The personnel
  • The Classified material

In order to avoid the:

  • Unauthorized access to company premises &
  • Unauthorized access and exposure of Classified material
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