Hybrid Power Systems

In the modern military and security environment, energy is a critical operational capability that can significantly improve system range, equipment endurance, personnel comfort and the sustainability of operations, thus enhancing the overall mission effectiveness.

Traditionally, field-based electric power supply requirements have been covered by conventional diesel generators, which although logistically established and easy to operate, present a number of inefficiencies and operational shortfalls.

IDE’s proven experience in system integration and its innovative technology in the fields energy storage and ‘Smart Energy’ have been deployed to develop advanced hybrid power systems that address the shortcomings of conventional generators, offering superior performance, fuel savings, tactical operation advantages and low life-cycle costs, across the complete range of government, security and military power applications.

The Hybrid Electric Power Systems (HEPS) product family can supply cost-effective power to installations, as well as, mobile power for vehicles, remote camps, forward operating bases, communication or surveillance posts, expeditionary or emergency operations and weapon systems.