Se@NNet – Secure IP Naval Network

SeaNNet – IP Tactical Communications Network

Se@NNet is an advanced IP based tactical communications network for secure, multimedia information transfer, interconnecting deployed vessels at all levels of command. It supports a variety of integration platforms, varying from small up to large sized vessels, according to unit operational requirements. The scalable Se@NNet SDR communication suite addresses the requirements of modern C4I systems for voice, nets, data transfer and sensor integration, providing wireless network connectivity from patrol boats to fast attack crafts, frigates and corvettes. The long range secure connectivity between the ships enhances situational awareness, improves the speed of command and leads to significantly increased mission effectiveness.

Se@NNet communication stations implement a wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) among ships and shore stations enabling secure information sharing. Embedded encryption and Transmission Security (TRANSEC) mechanisms ensure the security and the reliability of the communications in the highly dense electromagnetic environment where military vessels operate.

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