Maritime & Coastal Surveillance

IDE’s C2M is an advanced solution for Maritime Surveillance, addressing key challenges for creation of common information sharing environment, generation of a common operating picture, improved detection and identification of non-collaborative/suspicious small boats, automated detection of abnormal vessel behaviors, and identification of threats and tracking of reporting/non-reporting vessels.

Maritime organizations and agencies can benefit from accurate – real time comprehensive maritime unified picture for understanding what is happening and how to react over the maritime domain, either at coastline, island and open sea.

The overall solution incorporates the necessary coastal station equipped with long range radars & EO/IR for maritime environment, AIS reporting system, ,RDF,METEO station, long range WideBand IP Radios and HF/VHF/ UHF, ICT equipment.

Maritime & Coastal Surveillance

In extend to the coastal station the solution can combine Maritime Interdiction Operation suite as reaction capability over the designated surveillance area.

IDE’s C2M meets the demands related with maritime security at national/border security level, addressing detection-classification and reaction procedures over illegal immigration, piracy and smuggling incidents.