Verification & Qualification

To assure that a product or System fulfils the applicable regulatory or customers-specific requirements and operates as intended, verification procedures shall be in place during development stages. Thus, it is ensured that the design outcome is in accordance with proven applicable standards and meets given requirements for operational, safety and environmental performance.

INTRACOM DEFENSE is a highly qualified independent partner that can support the Design Verification process and the product/ system Qualification. Especially when several parties are involved in the design phase it is even more important to have an independent partner that ensures that all parties follow the same specifications and rules.

INTRACOM DEFENSE is offering to its customers integrated Design Verification and System Qualification Services for major fields in the manufacturing of Electrical/ electronic products or systems.

Design Verification by INTRACOM DEFENSE provides confidence that the product/ system complies with the required standards, criteria and legislation with regards to material selection, design and safety level following a structured process.

Moreover, Design Verification can be provided for basic design and detailed design, including, Reliability Analysis, review of specifications, reports, calculations and drawings, Testing and Verification according to customer requirements and/ or in compliance to International applicable standards.

Typical services include:

  • Reliability modeling, allocations and predictions per MIL-HDBK- 217F
  • Reliability Evaluation, Enhancement and Verification
  • Failure mode, effect and criticality analysis (FMECA)
  • Part selection and derating guidelines
  • Product Qualification Tests
  • Accelerated life tests
  • Consultancy in specifying product requirements
  • Test planning in accordance with the applicable standards
  • Environmental Testing and EMC/ TEMPEST Testing

Environmental qualification services (ESS) are provided in both mild and harsh environmental service conditions. Qualification programs are done by analysis, test, or a combination of both. Methodology used depends on the equipment and its safety function, environmental service conditions and other factors. INTRACOM DEFENSE also provides support for EMI/ RFI/ EMC/ TEMPEST testing and Validation/ Verification.

To support the above activities the company operates within its facilities various state-of-the-art and fully equipped Testing and Measurement Laboratories manned by highly qualified and experienced scientific personnel. These Laboratories, apart from their main involvement in INTRACOM DEFENSE development and manufacturing procedures, offer, under respective agreements, their expert services to third-party companies and individuals.

Environmental Test Laboratory

  • Climatic and mechanical tests per MIL-STD-810

EMI/ EMC/ TEMPEST Test Laboratory

  • EMC tests per MIL-STD-461
  • TEMPEST measurements per AMSG and SDIP standards

PCB Testing Laboratory

  • Optical and dimensional measurements
  • Micro-sectioning testing