Tactical Communication and Information System

Today’s theater of operations is a dynamic environment that requires robust, reliable, interoperable and scalable Communication and Information systems in order to improve mission effectiveness and situation awareness, as well as the coordination of military units and decision making process. The contemporary, complex and diverse battle fields set new requirements for vehicle communication and Information systems necessitating new capabilities and features beyond traditional voice communications.

Designed and developed by INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE), WiSPRevo fulfils all tactical communications and interoperability requirements imposed by the new era of the digital and rapidly developing battlefield.


WiSPRevo is fully compatible with IP (Internet Protocol) and Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) technology, it is a highly modular, scalable and expandable system designed based on modern open vehicle architectures and is capable to support and interoperate with existing and future vehicle sub-systems, tactical radios, sensors, actuators along with a wide range of audio or data vehicle ancillaries.

WiSPRevo provides all necessary network infrastructure, electrical and logical interfaces as well as functions and services to support a complete C4I system that is able to simultaneously host and manage C2 applications, internal crew communications and external intra-vehicle voice / data / video communications both wireline and over legacy or modern wideband IP-based radio systems. 

Tactical User Terminals (CCUs)

 WiSPRevo features IP based, PoE enabled and software configurable tactical user terminals (CCUs) equipped with operational alphanumeric keyboard and high contrast OLED graphics display enabling a simple, intuitive and user friendly, multi lingual Human Machine Interface (HMI) available for the crew.

CCU supports Active and Passive Noise Reduction headsets, two independent users, split-earphone capability, direct Radio / Alarm / Ethernet connections, RoIP, VoIP and SIP services.

Via the CCU embedded cutting edge Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), WiSPRevo achieves up to 39dB noise reduction that is generated by the engine and high-speed wind, ensuring unique audio quality and high speech intelligibility among the crew and over external Radio networks. DNR efficiency is of paramount importance as it drastically decreases crew fatigue, it boosts personnel performance in the area of situational awareness and decision making and increases platform fightability and mission effectiveness.

Tactical Mission Node (TMN)

TMN is a versatile and fully modular WiSPRevo unit available in different configurations and incorporates various standard plug & play modules, tailored to user requirements. TMN supports IP networking and routing via the embedded PoE Ethernet Switch and the Multi-Port IP Router and incorporates a multi-port Tactical Radio Gateway acting as a radio communication hub for voice, data and radio remote control.

When populated with the advanced processing unit, it is capable to host and execute Military Tactical Applications and Battle Management Systems, featuring a true Space, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) optimized solution. Its integrated Secure MANET Wireless Module for Last-Mile Comms extends the voice-over-IP intercommunication, real time video streaming, and C2 communications among other vehicles and/or troops.

TMN seamlessly integrates with the tactical communication equipment of any military platform and supports real time single and multi-party internal and external voice, data and video communications among vehicles, dispersed communication nodes, command posts, field headquarters, tactical operation centers and dismounted personnel.


WiSPRevo Key Features

  • Next Generation, High Speed and High Performance open architecture
  • Modular & Scalable design from a simple intercom system to an internetworking multi-purpose, multi-media communication node
  • Versatile configurations and services, tailored to end user requirements
  • Software defined system, platform and radio agnostic solution, effortless adaptation to special requirements
  • Leading edge Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) technology
  • Seamless integration with legacy and modern vehicle subsystems for Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) over CAN BUS, Serial, Ethernet
  • Software Defined Tactical Radio interface (SDTRi) – Seamless software controlled radio integration – Utilization of RoIP (Radio over IP) technology
  • Split Earphone Radio Allocation function (SERF)
  • IP (PoE enabled) crew terminals supporting VoIP & SIP telephony
  • Real time Intra vehicle ad-hoc voice, data and video communications over copper, fiber, Radios
  • Radio Relay functions
  • IPv4/IPv6, DHCP, NTP, SSH, IPsec
  • Embedded multi-port managed Ethernet PoE Switch and IP router
  • Embedded Computing Module
  • Embedded Cisco Router Module
  • Embedded Radio Gateway / Video encoder
  • Embedded Secure MANET Radio supporting high speed voice, data and video communications among vehicles and dismounted personnel
  • Intuitive Web based management
  • Fully Rugged according to latest MIL standards (Environmental, EMI/EMC, Power)

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