Industrial Cooperation Programs & Partnerships

INTRACOM DEFENSE demonstrates significant presence in Industrial Cooperation Programs for the international defense sector marketplace whether supplying advanced equipment, providing professional services or delivering Major Programs to leading Defense Industry Groups, Organizations and National Armed Forces.

INTRACOM DEFENSE has adopted a flexible organizational structure with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to satisfy customers and partners expectations and meeting competitive international and domestic programs demands in terms of scope, time, cost, risk and quality.

Industrial Cooperation Programs INTRACOM DEFENSE

The company’s experience and know-how in defense applications are constantly enhanced through its participation in new programs and have established INTRACOM DEFENSE as a key company in the domestic and international defense systems development and production market.

Its products, solutions and services are already deployed in Cyprus, France, Finland Germany, Indonesia, Lithuania, Luxemburg (NATO/NSPA), Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and its international presence continuously expands, through new opportunities with international defense manufacturers.

Today the company is successfully involved in the manufacturing of a numerous major Defense Systems and products, in cooperation with defense industry leaders. We are proud to work with world-class companies (customers and partners) across the globe such as Boeing, Diehl Defence, Kraus-Maffei Wegmann, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Ramsys, Rheinmental Defence, Saab, Thales, Hensoldt (former Zeiss Optronik) etc.

Key participations in industrial co-operations programs include (Major Programs):

  • PATRIOT PAC-3: Long Range Air Defense Missile System
  • IRIS-T Air to Air Short Range Missile System
  • Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) System
  • LEOPARD 2 HEL: New Main Battle Tank
  • F-16 Block 52+ Aircraft: Advanced Self-Protection Integrated Suite (ASPIS II)
  • F-16 Block 52+ Aircraft: APG-68 (V)9 Radar
  • ARTHUR Artillery Hunting Radar System
  • NATO’s Airborne Warning Control System (AWACS) Aircraft Modernization
  • PHALANX: Naval close-in-support weapon system
  • Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) SYSTEM
  • Implementation of a NATO Exercises Execution System
  • U-124 New Submarines
  • HAWK: Medium Range Air Defense System
  • CROTALE NG: Short Range Air Defense Missile system
  • GATS (Generic Automatic Test Station) upgrade for F-16 Aircraft
  • Radio Stations VHF/FM-FH and HF-SSB/FM

Industrial Cooperation Programs & PartnershipsIt is worth to mention the company’s involvement in significant ΝΑΤΟ programs, such as the mid-term modernization and upgrade programs of the AWACS aircraft.

Furthermore, its contract with NSPA (NATO Support Agency – former NAMSA) for the maintenance, repair and support of the European PATRIOT systems, as well as the US systems located in Europe, is included among the company’s latest successes.

Another major international activity where INTRACOM DEFENSE is giving emphasis is the participation in significant multinational programs (IRIS-T and ESSM missiles) from original design phase in cooperation with international defense industries. The high quality standards and capabilities of INTRACOM DEFENSE have established the company as a reliable partner in the successful international course of these missile programs.