INTRACOM DEFENSE S.A. (hereinafter INTRACOM DEFENSE – IDE) derives from the former INTRACOM S.A. (INTRACOM), established in 1977 and operating in Athens, as a manufacturer and assembler of telecommunications equipment, which in 1992, successfully extended its activities to include high-tech defense electronics systems production.

Since 2005, IDE operates as an independent defense company.

The early days…

During the 90’s, the early defense activities focused on cryptographic and missile electronic systems. Significant investment in the design and development of missile electronics and Industrial cooperation with RAYTHEON and DIEHL in multinational NATO and European weapon systems, marked the first international presence. Participation in programs such as the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile and the IRIS-T Air to Air Missile, affected significantly the future foundation of IDE. Furthermore, IDE’s successful initial cooperation with Raytheon in the Hellenic PATRIOT Air Defense System, initiated in 1999 a long term industrial activity at system level, and resulted in significant export activities to the USA for over two decades and is on-going.

Entering the new millennium…

With the new millennium, IDE invested in the development of new technologies in the areas of vehicular Communication and Information Systems and military Wideband Communications for maritime and land operations, enhancing its substantial communications knowhow which was inherited as part of INTRACOM. This engineering activity resulted in the development of pioneering communications systems, successfully fielded by the Hellenic Armed forces and other NATO allies. During this period, IDE initiated cooperations with large European system integrators, such as Krauss Maffei Weggman, Rheinmetall, SAAB and GDUK. Such cooperations targeted the domestic and international markets, and achieved notable exports over the next 20 years, including Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Lithuania, Sweden, UK, and successfully continuing to date.

IDE’s investment in advanced manufacturing facilities and qualification testing infrastructure enabled an industrial activity in the area of tactical radios with THALES focusing in the domestic market. Furthermore, the company’s policy in developing and maintaining specialized engineering knowhow, its customer-centric oriented approach and its strict persistence in manufacturing quality standards, resulted in the beginning of a valued and long lasting industrial cooperation with BOEING in military aircraft subsystems.

During the economic crisis…

Having already established an export oriented business momentum and aiming to further expand its product portfolio, IDE took the initiative in 2013 to invest in the area of Hybrid Power Systems for field deployable energy. Over the past years, the company succeeded in developing innovative Hybrid Generators, bringing novel capabilities for power sustainability in field operations, and had already initiated its first exports to Israel by 2020. This technology was further developed to provide Auxiliary Hybrid Power to military vehicles, piloted and field tested in cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of Defence, and was proven to enable significant new tactical advantages in asset & personnel survivability and mission effectiveness.

During the same period, IDE also focused in challenging opportunities for developing new technologies in the frame of defense programs funded by the European Commission (EC), addressing the “next day” in military requirements and capabilities of the European Defence forces. In this framework, the company has developed a particularly successful record of participating and also leading some of the EC Research and Development programs in the wider areas of Tactical Communications, Hybrid Field Power and Unmanned Vehicle applications. This activity resulted in establishing further valued cooperations in new application areas with major European partners.

IDE has gained international recognition, evidenced by a number of distinctions received over the years, for its exceptional performance, quality and on-time deliveries, for its extroversion and export excellence and for research, innovation & technological development activities. These awards are even more significant, since the relevant results were achieved in adverse international and national financial conditions and in a strong competitive environment.

Today… and the vision for the future…

As from June 2023, IDE’s registered shares held by INTRACOM HOLDINGS were acquired by ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES Ltd (IAI), a globally recognized technology and innovation leader, specializing in developing and manufacturing advanced, state-of-the-art systems for air, space, sea, land, cyber and homeland security.

IDE remains a Hellenic Defense Company, bound by all its Hellenic, NATO and EU obligations, regulations and classifications, having achieved over 1 Billion Euro in exports over the past two decades. In light of recent developments, IDE preserves its existing collaborations and partnerships, as well as its orientation to participating in the cooperative programs of EU and NATO. It is envisioned that the company will strengthen and expand significantly its international activity, targeting effective business growth over the next years, and contributing further in this way to the country’s defense industrial capability and economy.


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