Dedication to environmental accountability principles is of primary importance in INTRACOM DEFENSE. This is confirmed by the fact that INTRACOM Holdings since its establishment has demonstrated a specific social accountability and has given initiatives in order to contribute in a sustainable development.

For this reason, INTRACOM DEFENSE has developed and established Environmental Management System, which has been certified with the International Standard ISO 14001:2015, dedicated to environmental principles and the application of protection measurements.

IDE has established an Environmental Policy consistent with the scope of business.

Indicative environmental actions are: 

  • Identification and evaluation of the environmental impacts, where all inflows and outflows are mentioned.
  • Liquid Waste Management of the production process and their disposal from authorized companies.
  • Solid Waste Management (packing materials, urban waste, electrical and electronic equipment waste, metal scrap, useless batteries, etc.) and their disposal from authorized companies.
  • Air emission management through appropriate monitoring and measurements.
  • Records of all the above disposals from authorized companies.
  • Conservation of Natural resources.
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