Maritime Interdiction Operation Suite

iDEFENDER, Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) Suite leverages actionable intelligence, for enhancing the operational capabilities of any Agency responsible for Law Enforcement in the maritime domain.

INTRACOM-DEFENSE-Biometrics-Maritime-Inderdiction-OperationIDE’s MIO suite is indispensable in Maritime Capacity Building for supporting a Nation’s effort against maritime unlawful acts and upholding its territorial sovereignty. IDE’s MIO Suite supports an integrated solution for Maritime Interdiction Operations in a manner corresponding to NATO ATP-71 procedure which reflects seaborne enforcement measures to intercept vessels within a country’s territorial waters or beyond its sea borders. MIO operations are typically restricted to the interception and boarding onto vessels to verify, redirect or impound their cargoes in support of the enforcement of financial or military sanctions.

IDE’s solution addresses the need for a system that allows the dissemination of real-time voice, data and video information under Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) that involves the engagement of a ship boarding team, utilizing high speed craft.Maritime-Interdiction-Operation-IDE

IDE’s solution provides the Maritime Interdiction commander the means to monitor and direct the assigned operations of maritime patrol and response, SAR and interdictions, while real-time data and video information are exchanged between the boarding team and the supporting commanders.