WiSPR - Wideband Intercom and Secure Packet Radio

Designed and developed by INTRACOM Defense Electronics, WiSPR sets new standards into vehicular tactical communications.


WiWAN - Wireless Wide Area Network

The Wireless Wide Area Network - WiWAN - system is a state-of-the-art, tactical communications network incorporating advanced features such as mobility, point-to-multipoint topology and IP networking.


Rugged Computers

"ComBAT"  is a rugged portable computer that provides a “go anywhere” unit suitable for Military, Industrial Automation, Mobile/Outdoor Computing, Portable Workstation and ...


Cryptographic Devices

Designed and developed by INTRACOM Defense Electronics the SECLINE product line includes state-of-the-art cryptographic equipment for voice and data encryption in the field and office.


Hybrid Electric Power Systems

Entering the era of hybrid energy technology, IDE develops and manufactures advanced power stations and energy storage systems for small to medium power installations - HEPS


Data Links and Telemetries

INTRACOM Defense Electronics has significant experience in the development, design, qualification and production of Data Links and Telemetries for use in a variety of applications.



Tacticon (Tactical IP Communication Network) is a tactical IP communication system which provides real-time single and multiparty internal and external voice communication and data exchange services

Corporate Social Accountability

Working Environment

INTRACOM Holdings has been distinguished as one of the top 10 Greek (4th) and one of the top 100 European companies with the best working environment according to the "BEST WORKPLACES IN EUROPE - 2004", an international contest organized by the GREAT PLACE TO WORK INSTITUTE in cooperation with ALBA (Graduate Business School ).

INTRACOM Defense Electronics, as a subsidiary of INTRACOM HOLDINGS, is widely acknowledged as a company with exemplary working environment and excellent human resources practices.

Equal Opportunities

INTRACOM Defense Electronics, an equal opportunity employer, follows an objective selection system based on candidates' academic background, analytical thinking, responsibility, integrity, teamwork and the ability to undertake new responsibilities.
Keeping in line with its non-discriminatory labor practices and demonstrating its sensitivity to social issues, INTRACOM Defense Electronics employs a significant number of people who belong to special interest groups such as: parents with many dependents or members of large families, or disabled individuals or their relatives. The company also employs a significant percentage of women, one of the highest in the defense electronics sector in Greece.


INTRACOM Defense Electronics' philosophy focuses on employees' "lifelong learning", as well as attracting a highly educated and trained human capital in Greece and abroad. In this context, the company offers its employees systematic training within and outside the company that is tailored to the needs of each position. INTRACOM Defense Electronics also undertakes significant initiatives in knowledge transfer with research and other academic institutions.

Cooperation with academic institutions

Through its close cooperation with Greek and foreign academic institutions, INTRACOM Defense Electronics plays a leading role in educating young scientists. The company offers Greek and foreign university students the opportunity to participate in advanced research projects as part of their thesis work or during their internship, exposing them to the latest developments in cutting-edge technology. INTRACOM Defense Electronics has also a close collaboration with Athens Information Technology (AIT), a non-profit educational and research centre founded by INTRACOM HOLDINGS, carrying out joint advanced research projects.

Hellenic Network for CSR

Since 2001, INTRACOM HOLDINGS, as a member of the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, has been actively contributing to the dissemination of the corporate social responsibility concept. INTRACOM Defense Electronics, as a subsidiary of INTRACOM HOLDINGS, has been actively contributing to this direction though its policies, environmental sensitivity and sponsorship programs.

Social Accountability Standard SA 8000: 2008

INTRACOM Defense Electronics has been certified with the Social Accountability standard SA 8000. This standard ensures that INTRACOM Defense Electronics offers an excellent and safe working environment where non-discriminatory policies are applied and provides an equal opportunities environment to all employees irrespective of gender, age, nationality and religion. Also the employees trade union rights are respected, and health and safety procedures are faithfully-adhered to.
Independent auditors conduct strict biannual assessments to ensure that the company acts in compliance with the SA 8000: 2008 standard.

United Nations Global Compact

INTRACOM Defense Electronics is a subsidiary of INTRACOM HOLDINGS which has joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative in June 2008, the world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility. The Company is fully aligned with the U.N. Global Compact’s ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Since June 2008 INTRACOM HOLDINGS is also a member of the Hellenic Global Compact Network.