Software Defined
Tactical Vehicular Intercom System

WiSPR – Software Defined Tactical Vehicular Intercom System

WiSPR is a rugged, field proven digital Software Defined Tactical Vehicle Intercom system. It is designed for use in any military armored vehicular platform for any mission and delivers clear, true noise-free voice intercommunications and data connectivity including IP (Internet Protocol). 

WiSPR intuitive design includes ergonomically designed user terminals equipped with multi-lingual operational display and keyboard while its advanced software defined approach allows seamless interoperability with all military Tactical Radios including IDE’s Spart@n and WiWAN broadband IP radios.

Wispr Tactical Vehicular Intercom System Dynamic Noise Reduction INTRACOM DEFENSEThe system’s modular and decentralized architecture allows rapid deployment and cost-effective scalability to support virtually any vehicle requirement or configuration, making WiSPR the optimum tactical intercom system for new or upgraded vehicular platforms.

The WiSPR novelties include the inherent Secure Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) providing high speed wireless data and voice communications among vehicles, including video transfer. 

The embedded, leading-edge Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) assures crystal clear communications in extremely noisy vehicular environments and guarantees the highest speech intelligibility, enhanced ear safety and increased crew member performance under extended combat conditions.

WiSPR Key Features:

  • Radio Access and Remote control directly through User Terminals
  • Support for Tank Telephone, Field Telephone and PSTN
  • Embedded IP (Internet Protocol) networking and routing
  • Embedded Secure Wireless LAN (WLAN) for intra-vehicle communications including video
  • Internal / External Alarms and notifications
  • Sensor integration
  • Enhanced built in tests (BITE)
  • Plug and Play system expansion
  • In field software updates for add-on or customized functionality
  • Conforms to Military Environmental and EMI/EMC standards
  • Fielded worldwide
  • Reduced logistics requirements – Low life cycle cost
  • Decentralized Architecture – No Central Control Unit
  • No single point of failure
  • Modular – Scalable design – Simple installation and Operation
  • Software defined and controlled functionalities
  • Digital Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) eliminates background vehicle noise in real time
  • Digital adaptive Voice Operated Switch (VOX)
  • Supreme audio quality through DNR for intercom and towards radios
  • Multi lingual graphic display and operational keyboard
  • Dynamically selectable access rights to external communications for every user
  • Dynamically selectable, multiple closed user groups
  • Seamless Tactical Radio interoperability through embedded Software Defined Tactical Radio interface (SDTRi)

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