EMI/ EMC/ TEMPEST Laboratory

rfi-emi-emc-tempest-intracom-defenseINTRACOM DEFENSE has established and operates a TEMPEST and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurements laboratory, according to NATO and military standards, which provides the capability to test national encryption devices and military electronic equipment designed and manufactured by the company.

Services are provided also to other companies which are interested in order their products to comply with the applicable military standards.


rfi-emi-emc-tempest-test-intracom-defenseThe laboratory offers a range of EMC testing services in accordance with MIL-STD 461A, B, C and E, British DEF STAN 59-41 and German VG 9537x series.

All EMC tests are performed within TEMPEST/EMC shielded enclosures offering 110/230V AC and DC filtered power and providing the necessary isolation and setup requirements.

The main chamber is lined with cone absorbers for upgraded performance up to 40GHz.

Other capabilities include Shielding Effectiveness measurements, per MIL-STD-285 and NSA 65-6, for shielded enclosures or cabinets for fixed and mobile installations. In addition, on-site measurements in Electromagnetic Security (EMSEC) enclosures can be performed at customer’s premises.


The laboratory is fully equipped with specialized instruments and the staff has been trained and registered by CESG ( UK National Government Authority ) as approved testing engineers performing on-site TEMPEST and Certification test to the NATO AMSG720B, AMSG788A, AMSG784B and SDIP-27 standards.

The laboratory provides TEMPEST services, preparation of TEMPEST control plans and test reports, as well as NATO Zone testing and Electromagnetic Security (EMSEC) design assistance to the NATO AMSG719G and SDIP-29 standard.

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