Development of a New Generation Ground-to-Air Missile Data Link from INTRACOM Defense Electronics

INTRACOM Defense Electronics signed a new contract with the German company Diehl BGT Defence, for the Full Scale Development Phase of a Missile Data Link, totaling 6,5 Mil Euro. The contract concerns the design of a new generation Data Link for ground to air missiles produced by Diehl BGT Defence and the delivery of a number of prototypes for missile qualification trials.

Diehl BGT Defence, which is one of the most significant defense companies, has selected INTRACOM Defense Electronics following an international bid, opting for the most suitable available technology for advanced missile systems. This selection establishes INTRACOM Defense Electronics as a reliable and preferred supplier of Diehl BGT Defence and confirms the excellent cooperation of the two companies during the last decade. It is worth mentioning that the total budget of projects allocated to INTRACOM Defense Electronics by Diehl BGT Defence, exceeds 55 Mil Euro.
The contract includes an option for the development of a Universal Missile Data Link (UMDL). The UMDL system utilises the same technology in an extremely reduced size and weight and will be suitable for use on a variety of missiles. Following this contract, the first serial production phase of Data Link is expected to secure an additional 4 Mil Euro for INTRACOM Defense Electronics and it is estimated that in the long term, full scale Data Link production will exceed 30 Mil Euro.

INTRACOM Defense Electronics’ know-how and experience in the field of defense communications is the result of a long-term investment in research and development of high speed wireless systems. The cutting edge technology has already been incorporated into the Company’s military products and is characterized by its communication link robustness, security and high degree of jamming immunity.

INTRACOM Defense Electronics’ CEO, Mr. George Troullinos, upon the signature of this contract stated: ‘’Our company based on its vision, its hard work, the investment in technology infrastructure and its highly qualified engineering personnel, has become a center of excellence in the development of cutting-edge technology for defense electronics. We are deeply honored and further encouraged by the fact that this is now recognized in practice by our customers in Europe and in the United States, who renew their confidence in INTRACOM Defense Electronics with new projects’’.

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