Diehl BGT Defence awards INTRACOM Defense Electronics a € 3.8 million contract

November 11, 2009: INTRACOM Defense Electronics has been awarded a new € 3.8 million contract by the German company Diehl BGT Defence (DBD) for the IRIS-T missile program. Within the frame of the contract, which will be completed by November 2011, INTRACOM Defense Electronics will manufacture additional power supply units for the guidance section as well as field test equipment for the missile.

IRIS-T missile was designed and is manufactured by an international consortium of six (6) European nations (Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Greece) and is considered as the most modern infrared guided short range air-to-air missile system worldwide. The program is a successful government-to-government and industrial cooperation, in which our country participates as an equal partner from the original design phase. For this program, INTRACOM Defense Electronics has successfully completed contracts that exceed the amount of € 60 mil. for the design, development and manufacturing of airborne electronic units of IRIS-T that employ state of the art technologies in the field of missile electronics.

Regarding the new export success of INTRACOM Defense Electronics Mr. George Troullinos, Chief Executive Officer, stated: “Covering the needs of the Armed Forces through participations in multinational development and manufacturing programs, secures the most timely and cost effective procurement of modern, high-technology weapon systems. Moreover, these programs secure employment, investments and exports for the benefit of the country’s economy, and at the same time reinforce the international presence of the Hellenic Defense Industry, promote know-how transfer, as well as the long term cooperation between Greek and prominent international defense firms. Our experience from our country’s participations in other multinational programs has shown that this is the ideal model for industrial participation in the armament programs of the Armed Forces”.

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