IDE’s Advanced Tactical Hybrid Power System supports British Army experimentation

An IDE HEPS® Tactical Hybrid Generator was successfully deployed to the final phase of the British Army’s AWE22 Sustain & Protect experimentation. Through a Marshall Land Systems and IDE teaming, the focus was to provide warfighters the organic means to generate, store, manage and distribute electrical power to increase tempo, mass, autonomy and protection, through advanced Hybrid Power technology.

In addition, the system demonstrated full interoperability and synergies with participating Robotic & Autonomous Systems (RAS) and enabled extended “signature management” in the thermal and acoustic spectra.

AWEE22 Sustain & Protect experimentation provided the venue for the British Army to examine how it can sustain and protect a Brigade (and below) force in increasingly contested urban environments that rely on a variety of mission systems requiring persistent and resilient power sustainment.

IDE’s Hybrid Electrical Power Systems (HEPS®) is a comprehensive product family of advanced hybrid power solutions, including Hybrid Generators, Hybridization Systems, Containerised Energy Storage Systems, Vehicle Hybrid Auxiliary Power Systems (VHAPS) and customized integrated solutions for tactical power, weapon systems, deployable infrastructure and vehicle platforms in defense applications.

HEPS® delivers an immediate positive impact to increase equipment availability, enhance survivability, reduce cost and logistic “tail” and support more sustainable outcomes, without compromising military Operational Capability.

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