INTRACOM DEFENSE: Certifications for Drone LOTUS & Military Aeronautical Product Design

INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) hosted the inaugural meeting with the Hellenic National Military Airworthiness Authority (HNMAA), in the framework of the process of the company’s approval as a Military Design Organization (MDOA) for aeronautical products, according to the military European airworthiness requirements (EMAR Part 21).

Concurrently, IDE initiates with HΝMAA the certification process of the Low Observable Unmanned Aircraft System “LOTUS”, in order to obtain the Military Type Certificate (MTC), according to the NATO certification standards (STANAG 4671), in the frame of the implementation of the homonymous European program.

Τhe structured and productive cooperation between the industry and the Ministry of Defense authorities decisively strengthens the country’s presence in the emerging European defense industrial infrastructure, providing operational advantages to its Armed Forces and significant benefits to its economy.

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