INTRACOM Defense Electronics presented the Integrated Communication System for the new frigates of the Hellenic Navy during the international conference “Sea Dominance 2006“

 INTRACOM Defense Electronics participated as sponsor in the international conference “Sea Dominance 2006“, organized at Zappion Megaron from November 28-29. The objective of the conference was to present the shipbuilding program for the new frigates of the Hellenic Navy in relation to the future threats, as well as perspectives of the Hellenic shipbuilding and defense industry in general.

The conference attendees were Ambassadors and Defense Attaches from the countries of the candidate companies to participate in the program, representatives of the Hellenic Navy and the Ministries of National Defense, Economy & Finance and Development. In addition, the most important companies participated, with systems and products that can cover the operational requirements of the new frigates of the Hellenic Navy.

INTRACOM Defense Electronics CEO, Mr. George Troullinos, was amongst the conference speakers. In his speech entitled “INTRACOM Defense Electronics and the new frigates program for the Hellenic Navy”, Mr. Troullinos presented the integrated system for Naval Communications developed by the company. The proposal concerns a new, innovative digital telecommunication system for war ships, that offers services for intercommunications and tactical communication systems control. The system has been delivered and deployed, custom-made, to the FAC type “LASKOS“.

Mr. Troullinos emphasized that INTRACOM Defense Electronics, based on its high quality industrial infrastructure, technology and experience from its participation in large-scale, co-production programs of high technological value, can participate in the production of new frigates systems such as the Combat Management System – CMS, the Phased Array Multifunctional Radar, the short/long range Guided Missiles, the Electronic Warfare Systems.

According to Mr. Troullinos, the participation of INTRACOM Defense Electronics in the program of new frigates of the Hellenic Navy, with the planned investments in microelectronics and the important support that the company offers to small and medium enterprises through subcontracting work, will ensure the large Local Industrial Participation (EVS) and Greek Added Value (EPA), will mitigate the currency outflow, will strengthen competitiveness and employment, and finally will further enlarge the cooperation with important international defense companies in new and modern defense systems for the Greek and international markets.

At the same time, the local production and co-production of systems will ensure the support and maintenance from Hellenic defense industries. Such example of defense systems local support, are the PATRIOT air defense systems of the Hellenic Air Force. Electronic systems of the PATRIOT air defense systems have been manufactured by INTRACOM Defense Electronics which has recently undertaken the support, not only of the Hellenic, but also of the NATO PATRIOT air defense systems all over Europe.

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