New Innovative Hybrid Product presented by IDE at the International Exhibition for Land Systems AUSA 2015

IDE (INTRACOM Defense Electronics) participated in the international exhibition “AUSA 2015”, one of the largest worldwide exhibitions specialised in land systems, held in Washington D.C, USA between October 12-14, 2015.

The exhibition area of IDE, that was part of the Hellenic Pavilion under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense, was visited by the Hellenic delegation headed by the Alternate Minister of National Defense, Mr Dimitris Vitsas, while it attracted the interest of government representatives, military delegations and executives of the defense industry who had the opportunity to be informed about the innovative products and solutions, in the area of network-centric defense electronic systems, designed for the Armed Forces of Greece and other countries as well.

In parallel and in the frame of “AUSA Innovator’s Corner” conference, IDE presented the HG-10K-20 Hybrid System which produces, stores and manages electric power from conventional and renewable energy sources in the most efficient way. The HG-10K-20 system has recently been demonstrated with great success in the NATO CL 15 exercise, where it supplied electric power to critical and vital facilities under conditions governed by specific operational scenarios.

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