Participation of IDE in the 9th NATO Annual Conference at NMIOTC

IDE (INTRACOM Defense Electronics) participated in the 9th NATO Annual Conference, held at the NMIOTC’s (NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre) premises in Crete. The theme of this year’s conference was “Fostering Projection of Stability through Maritime Security: Achieving Enhanced Capabilities and Operational Effectiveness”. At the conference, the current maritime security challenges were presented and discussed extensively, and plans were proposed for countering illegal activities in the maritime domain.

During the conference, IDE presented to the international audience its state-of-the-art Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) Suite, a field-designed solution which is implemented on iDEFENDER, Command and Control (C2) security platform and WiWAN, the wideband communications system of IDE. The fully integrated MIO Suite is a technological tool for the most efficient management and execution of Maritime Security Operations (MSO). The system of IDE seamlessly combines the integrated mission planning and control with rapid seaborne response, through real-time data and video information sharing at all levels of mission command.

The operational assessment of the above attributes has been accomplished by NMIOTC’s trainers and trainees, through a practical exercise on IDE’s system.

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