WiSPR Intercommunication System Deliveries for ARTHUR Weapon Locating Systems

December 19, 2011 – INTRACOM Defense Electronics has successfully concluded the deliveries of WiSPR intercommunication systems to SAAB, to equip the artillery detection radar system ARTHUR WLS, in the frame of an international program of the Swedish company. 

WiSPR has been selected by SAAB as a leading edge tactical communications platform for military vehicles and constitutes a standard item of the ARTHUR system configuration, to provide digital intercommunication and target data transfer, while it has been established and is already in use by the armed forces of various countries.

WiSPR is designed to be installed in various types of tracked and wheeled vehicles, ensuring prime quality intercommunication as well as user control of other communication media. Furthermore, the system incorporates reliable wireless local area communications for Command, Control and Information systems, providing secure wideband voice, data and video transfer which are essential elements for situation awareness in the contemporary theater of operations.

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