IDE at AFCEA 2022 Technical Exhibition in Germany

IDE participated successfully in the AFCEA 2022 Technical Exhibition in Bonn, Germany on 11-12 May 2022.

In close cooperation with Griffity Defense and other German and EU defense companies, IDE demonstrated the Communication and Information System WiSPRevo and its capability to integrate effectively a variety of subsystems of different OEMs as well as to digitalize battlefield operations. In a live use case, the WiSPRevo supported tactical voice, video and data communications in a command post / reconnaissance vehicle / dismount scenario.

At Griffity’s booth, the WiSPRevo was used to build a prototype C4I communication platform for FFG’s G5. WiSPRevo is designed based on modern generic vehicle architectures and open software and hardware interfaces that provide proven flexibility to integrate different systems and applications. This feature of the WiSPRevo was presented operating with different crew headsets, surveillance EOP sensors, tactical radios, high-speed IP MANET radios, wireline IP networks, satellite modems, intelligent command and visualization systems, INS sensor, NGVA display and other electronic equipment.


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