IDE at DVD 2022, Millbrook, UK

IDE demonstrated tactical Hybrid Power Systems at DVD 2022, UK, between 21-22 September 2022. As a leader in tactical Hybrid Power Systems, IDE deployed a power-autonomous outdoor stand, providing off-grid power to its equipment through a Microgrid concept comprised of an advanced Hybridisation System (HEPS®-H series), a Tactical Hybrid Generator (HGT-20K series) and deployable Solar Arrays. IDE’s fielded Hybrid Power solutions attracted significant interest from various branches of the UK MoD and the British Army, as well as, from Armies of other countries including France, Norway and Australia.

IDE’s Hybrid Electric Power Systems (HEPS®) are military-grade tactical systems that can be combined with existing Generators, the utility Grid and Renewable Energy Sources to overcome current operational and mission sustainment capability gaps, enable unique tactical advantages, deliver significant OpEx savings and environmental sustainability.

DVD is one of the UK’s most important defense industry events, organized by the UK MoD and the British Army. The event brings together industry and Defence in the Land Equipment Operating Centre to exchange ideas, demonstrate advanced capabilities and generate concepts based on cutting-edge technologies driven by modern warfare requirements.



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